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1991 Company founded by František Zelinka, the current owner of the company
1993 Manufacture of the first SA 25-03 semi-automatic machine for blind slats
1995 Started manufacture of rolling lines, the rolling line for upper and lower profile of internal blinds was launched
1997 Started manufacture of technical plastic press parts and die stampings for the blinds in the company´s press shop
1999 The VT 12NC machine was launched, its final product was a complete slat of „C“ type for external blinds
2002 Finished the construction of a new manufacturing complex
2003 Start of development of machines (ALFA 25S, BETA 25NC, GAMA 25NC and GAMA 16/25NC) for internal blinds
2004 Transformation of the company from natural person to ZEBR s.r.o.
2005 Start of development of a rolling line for 3 types of profiles
2006 Presentation of the TRIANGL 14NC line for 3 types of profiles at the R+T trade fair in STUTTGART – Germany
2007 Development of an automatic machine for stringing the external blind slats of „C“ type on a textile ladder
2009 Opening of the Research and Development Centre
2009 Development of a device for automatic binding of ladder eyelets to the hook which is shot into the blind slat of „Z“ or „S“ type
2010 Development of a highly productive rolling line for external blinds with automatic stringing or binding of blind slats and automatic riveting of a guide pin
2011 Developed a device for automatic putting down of manufactured packs of external blinds
2012 Use of ultrasonic welding unit for welding of plastic guide pins on the blind slat
2013 Started development and manufacture of the BETA 16/25NC machine
2014 Development of a new guide pin for external blinds
2014 Development of a new way of blinds control in accordance with the new standard EN 16433 Internal blinds – Protection from strangulation hazards
Business name: Zebr s.r.o.
Legal form: Limited liability company
Registered office: Milovice 178, 691 88
Reg. No.: 26915308
VAT: CZ26915308
File No.: Company registered in the Commercial Register kept by the Regional Court in Brno, Section C, File 44784
WWW: www.zebr.eu | E-mail: info@zebr.cz | Helpline: +420 519 515 810